Some Irish Phrases and Sayings

The following table lists common phrases and sayings as gaeilge, with their associated translation and meaning given in English. In addition, the table provides a "pronunciation" for each irish language phrase. Sound files (wavs) will follow in the future to more closely match the "pronunciation".

Phrase in Irish Meaning/Use in English
as gaeilge In Irish (or as spoken in the Irish or gaelic language). The pronunciation is [ass gale-ge].
Céad Míle Fáilte Literally "A hundred thousand welcomes" The phrase is used as a welcome for visitors (especially foreign visitors). The pronunciation is [Caid Meala Fall-che].
Go mbeannaí dia dhaoibh, a chairdhe agus fáilte go Cluain Eois The first part of the phrase, Go mbeannaí dia dhaoibh, a chairdhe" translates to "May God bless you, my friend". The pronunciation is [Ge mani gia yeve, a car-che]. The second part of the phrase, "agus fáilte go Cluain Eois", translates to "and welcome to Clones" The pronunciation is [ogus fall-che ge Cluan O-ish]. The first part of the phrase is a general welcome which is answered by the phrase "Go mbeannaí dia is mhuire duit" which translates to "May God and Mary bless you". The pronunciation is [Ge mani gia is muire gu-itch]
Béagán agus a rá go maith "Say little, but say it well". The pronunciation is [Beog-awn ogus a raw ge mye]
Éire The name given to the Republic of Ireland in the Irish Language. The pronunciation is [Air-reh]
Ceoil agus Craic Singing and a good time. The pronunciation is [Ki-ole ogus crack].
Cluain Eois The Irish translation for the town of Clones. The URL of this web site ( is based on this translation. The pronunciation is [Clue-an O-ish].
Gaelscoil A school teaching the Irish Language. The pronunciation is [Gale-Skull].
Beidh fáilte romhat ag aon tam You will be most welcome at any time. The pronunciation is [Bay fall-che rowat egg ain tam].
RTÉ (Radio Teilifís Eireann) The state Radio and Television service. Translates literally as "Television and Radio of Ireland". The pronunciation is [Rah-dio Tel-eh-fishe Air-inn]
Sláinte Good Health, Cheers, Bottoms up. Said when raising a glass (or two). The pronunciation is [Slawn-che]
Nollaig Shona Happy Christmas. The pronunciation is [Null-lig Shun-a]
TD Shortened version of Teach na Dáile which translates as The Dáil House i.e. a member of the Irish House of Parliament, The Dáil.
céilí A evening devoted to the celebration of Irish music, song and dance. The pronunciation is [Kay-leigh]
Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí Praise the young and they will flourish. The pronunciation is [Mol on o-ig-eh ogus chucky she]
Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a anam 'May his/her soul be on God's right side' (as opposed to his left side). In olden times, of course, the real buddies of the lord and master (or king) sat on his right hand side, In short the phrase translates to a hope that the deceased might be amongst the specially chosen! The pronunciation is [Are desh jay ge row a anam].
Fleadh Ceoil A weekend festival of (Traditional Irish) music. The pronunciation is[Flaa Ki-ole].